In 2020 Visa took over VESMAPLAST SRL, a company based in Milan, which since 1969 has specialised in the production of traditional industrial paints:

  • one-part enamels: anti-rust, quick drying, thermosetting enamels
  • two-part enamels: epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic

The company subsequently began the production of special paints for plastics, its core business, primarily developed through the colouring of TV cabinets, of which millions of pieces have been produced.

Special paints are high-quality products used in the following applications:

  • household appliances
  • furniture
  • automotive
  • cosmetic packaging

Our special paint products

Two-part polyurethane enamels

Alkyd resin-based products combined with aliphatic or mixed aliphatic-aromatic polyisocyanates.
Characteristics: shine, lightfastness, resistance to alcohol, benzene and chemical detergents. Excellent scratch resistance.

POLIAD 1004 Primer for Polypropylene

Product made from polyolefin resins and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, which dries by solvent evaporation.
Use: Adhesive primer for untreated polypropylene.

Baked enamels

Product made from short-oil alkyd resins combined with amino resins.
Use: for the painting of metal furniture, industrial machinery and metal fabrications.
Characteristics: good colour retention, resistance to impact, heat and atmospheric agents.
Excellent resistance to mineral oils and chemical detergents.

Epoxy enamels

Product made from epoxy resins in a solution with an epoxy equivalent of about 500.
It is crosslinked with modified resins.

Use and characteristics: excellent adhesion to steel, iron, aluminium, all their alloys, galvanized sheet metal, plastics (noryl, polycarbonate, abs, nylon, epoxy resins).

Undercoats for PLS

Product made from special acrylic binders characterised by good adhesion to PVC-ABS Resinated Polystyrene-Noryl in Polyurethanes etc.
For good filling on semi-expanded or glass-filled products.
Wet-on-wet cycles are possible with polyurethanes, thermoplastic acrylics, catalysed acrylics etc.


Vesmaflex is a high-tech paint that produces an opaque, high-impact finish.
It is soft, velvety and absolutely scratch-proof.
Despite being anti-reflective (0.1-0.3 gloss) it has a high level of apparent reflection and a three-dimensional appearance, a rare quality in opaque paints.
It has exceptional surface coverage power.


Acrylic and thermoplastic.

Characteristics: very fast drying and low aggression of the substrate.
Creates an extremely hard film with high chemical resistance properties


Highly conductive nickel-based paint dispersed in thermoplastic binders.
Ensures good shielding against electrostatic discharges and electromagnetic interferences.
The product dries through simple solvent evaporation at ambient temperature.