Visa industrial products are the result of a foresighted concept of production: the research and technological innovation of our laboratories has led to the birth of a broad range of products for all colouring needs.

For years we have been studying industrial colouring products with the aim of developing a broad range of competitive solutions through research, experimentation and testing across the entire production cycle.

Visa offers various industrial colouring product solutions:

  • organic and inorganic pigment-based colouring pastes
  • aqueous phase dispersions
  • solvent-based paints
  • special paints
  • inks

Visit each single page to view all Visa industrial products.
You can view and download the technical data sheet to identify the characteristics, colours, fields of application and many more useful details.

All products constitute a specific variety designed to satisfy all types of requests and are subjected to precise quality testing by our technicians.

Moreover, our colourings guarantee:

  • simplicity of application
  • reliability in terms of colouring strength
  • repeatability of colour

Lastly, the assistance and archiving service adopted by Visa supports clients, making it possible to source previously purchased products for new orders having the same characteristics.

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