Since 1985, Visa Srl has studied products for industrial colouring.
Thanks to a specialised team, it continues to develop new competitive solutions inspired by the company’s innovative approach, whereby research, experimentation and testing lie at the heart of Visa activities.

The production process is carefully monitored and takes place within Visa’s own laboratories: our technicians meticulously monitor each stage of the process, from the quality analysis of raw materials to final testing.
The aim is to deliver products that completely satisfy the client’s specifications.

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The sales and technical departments work in close collaboration, ensuring an efficient response to special customization needs.
The colour matching system is international, but custom colours can be produced to satisfy all requests.

The company’s timely delivery of products, the professionalism of staff, the high level of trust developed between clients and representatives are the key factors allowing us to work in both national and international markets.

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Visa Srl Company is international

The company, specialised in industrial processes, boasts numerous retailers worldwide.

Visa is now present:
Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Poland and Slovak Republic

Non-EU countries
Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, Venezuela

VISA Srl Certification

Visa is a company with ISO 9001 certification in the following fields:

  • research
  • development
  • production through mixing
  • packaging

Production concerns the following industrial colouring products:

  • colouring pastes for plastics
  • water- and solvent-based colouring pastes
  • water- and solvent-based paints
  • special paints
  • polyurethane colours and systems
  • inks

What’s more, a strong focus on the environment and sustainability through practices geared toward the use and development of biodegradable and compostable products, has allowed Visa Srl to obtain OK COMPOST – VINCOTTE certification, confirming the company’s adhesion to European standard EN 13432 : 2000

Read more about Visa’s sustainable approach in the dedicated section Quality and Environment