Research and development are at the heart of our business philosophy. Our laboratory is in fact the driving force behind the technological innovation of all Visa branded solutions: colour bases for industrial use.

The study and research of new colouring products, laboratory analyses and testing in different areas of application form the basis of a high-quality end product that genuinely satisfies varying client needs.

The search for innovation and successful production of high-tech solutions is motivated by two primary objectives:

  • the strive toward constant improvement in terms of the production process
  • continuous progress in respect of new environmentally sustainable policies

Sustainable Research & Devolepment

Modern research, development and innovation are now obliged to take the environment into account.
There are many industrial colourings that satisfy environmentally sustainable standards, which reduce the emissions generated in each industrial process.

Indeed, a delicate sector such as that of industrial paints and colourings calls for maximum attention to all aspects of production.
We have adopted specific technical solutions that have allowed us to adhere to the protocols of OK Compost – Vinçotte  certification, using biodegradable and compostable inks and colouring pastes.

The objective of principles of environmental sustainability is also one of the key points of the environmental quality policy adopted by the company.